Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help! New install on Win2k3 Server not working
Author Lucas Franzen

Marc Batchelor schrieb:

> Hey all,
> I've been using Firebird 1.5 on my laptop for a while, and it's now
> time to get it running on our multi-processor server. Unfortunately,
> after installation, the services are running, but I can't get anything
> to work. Can someone please help me either:

> a- Please tell me what's going on so I can fix the problem.

you can find the solutions several times within this list.

On Win2003 (and some win2K server) you cannot accesss databases locally.

So just add the computer name (or its IP-adress) or localhost (or in the connection string and it should work.

gsec -user sysdba
-password masterkey
-database localhost:<PATH_TO>security.fdb