Subject Broken database
Author Marcin Bury
Hello group

I have a broken database that reports following error during gbak:

Internal software consistency check, cannot continue after the bug check

gds_$open_blob failed

I have checked it with gfix and got the result that there are 3 record level
Then I have run gbak with -mend option. Next attempt to gbak the database was
succesfull and restore was also ok.

Assuming that gbak reported the error writing domains or just in the beggining
of the next step in writing metadata (I had -verbose option on), what is the
state of the data in tables - any possibility to loss the user data (this is
database from accounting package). What exactly gfix with -mend option does in
the database?

I have copy from nightly backup and problem with database occured today morning
so there are only a few documents to register - so there is no worry. I'm just
curious if I can let users work on fixed database.