Subject Re: [firebird-support] Broken database
Author Ann W. Harrison
Marcin Bury wrote:
> I have a broken database that reports following error during gbak:
> Internal software consistency check, cannot continue after the bug check
> gds_$open_blob failed

Some record had a bad blob pointer... As you've probably already guessed.
> Assuming that gbak reported the error writing domains or just in the beggining
> of the next step in writing metadata (I had -verbose option on), what is the
> state of the data in tables.

Then the blob was in the system tables, I'd guess. There certainly are
blobs there.... I'd guess you didn't lose any data, but I'd recreate an
empty database by doing a gbak -m -c on an old backup and pump your data
into the new database. Who knows what was dropped...