Subject Re: [firebird-support] ib_udf windows linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:28 PM 21/04/2005 +0200, you wrote:

>thank u for ur hint. i thounght that the UDF folder is always used and
>setting udfaccess to full makes all libs usable.

No. The default is
#UdfAccess = Restrict UDF

If you had not tampered with this, you would not have had this problem. If
you want to avoid the complicated mess resulting from using FULL, then
restore the default (without the # comment marker) and stop/restart the server.

>but i have got another question:
>when databases are newly created they are created (or tried to be
>created) in /tmp. i set my dataroot to /databases. so the access is
>denied except one uses the fullpath eg /databases/test.gdb
>how can i make them be created in /databases when eg test.gdb is
>specified as name /databases/test.gdb is created. setting the temp dir?
>or is it generally a bad idea to change the dataroot?

Firebird 2 will allow a default path for locating databases. It's not
implemented yet so I can tell you how it will work.

Don't try to create databases in system default locations - especially NOT
/tmp, which is transient and has default permissions that will threaten the
security of your database files. Always specify the full path. The path
location has to be one that not only exists, but where the appropriate
permissions already exist. The 'firebird' user should have rwx permissions
on all levels of the directory tree and the firebird group (which you must
create and make the firebird user a member of) must have rwx permissions on
database files).

If you don't know about setting permissions on Linux, now would be a really
good time to google for a tutorial on the subject (or to buy a suitable
book!) There are some examples in the Linux installation section of the
release notes, which might be enough to get you started, but really you
need to understand filesystem permissions if you are going to administer
databases on Linux.

Once you have set up the location, you can make an alias in aliases.conf
for any new database that you intend to create. Then, in CREATE DATABASE,
you can substitute the alias for the path.