Subject ib_udf windows linux
Author ApFel
Guten Tag firebird-support,

we use some programs which have their databases running with firebird
1.5 under windows. but we dont want our data stored on theclients with
each client running a firebird server and so we installed firebird 1.5
on our linux-server. first we thought we got it working but there is
a problem:
Invalid token.
invalid request BLR at offset 340.
function ABS is not defined.
module name or entrypoint could not be found.

is shown in some situations. the program seems to call a procedure.
finally i figured out that only adding a withspace in a comment of this
procedure and commiting shows the same error. ib_udf is accessible
(everything set to full acces due to testing). also UDF abs is in the
database as shown in ib_udf.sql. the database runs prtty
well on any windows install of firebird.
where might be the problem?

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