Subject Re: [firebird-support] ib_udf windows linux
Author ApFel
thank u for ur hint. i thounght that the UDF folder is always used and
setting udfaccess to full makes all libs usable.
but i have got another question:
when databases are newly created they are created (or tried to be
created) in /tmp. i set my dataroot to /databases. so the access is
denied except one uses the fullpath eg /databases/test.gdb
how can i make them be created in /databases when eg test.gdb is
specified as name /databases/test.gdb is created. setting the temp dir?
or is it generally a bad idea to change the dataroot?

thank you

HB> At 03:51 PM 21/04/2005 +0200, you wrote:

>>Guten Tag firebird-support,
>>we use some programs which have their databases running with firebird
>>1.5 under windows. but we dont want our data stored on theclients with
>>each client running a firebird server and so we installed firebird 1.5
>>on our linux-server. first we thought we got it working but there is
>>a problem:
>>Invalid token.
>>invalid request BLR at offset 340.
>>function ABS is not defined.
>>module name or entrypoint could not be found.
>>is shown in some situations. the program seems to call a procedure.
>>finally i figured out that only adding a withspace in a comment of this
>>procedure and commiting shows the same error. ib_udf is accessible
>>(everything set to full acces due to testing).

HB> Assuming that you are talking about the parameter UdfAccess = FULL - do you
HB> understand that this setting requires you to put the full file-path to the
HB> UDF library into the module_name parameter of every UDF declaration?

>>also UDF abs is in the
>>database as shown in ib_udf.sql.

HB> Which means that your declaration is wrong for UdfAccess = Full

>>the database runs prtty
>>well on any windows install of firebird.
>>where might be the problem?

HB> I can't see any reason at all to use UdfAccess = FULL in your test database
HB> and then have to change all of your UDF declarations in the production
HB> database before you can deploy it. There is no ALTER FUNCTION
HB> statement: you will have to drop all of the functions and then redeclare
HB> them with the correct module_name syntax.

HB> Do you care at all about portability? FULL prevents the database from being
HB> transportable. Think about it...

HB> ./heLen

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