Subject Connection Idea
Author Chris M
What is the feasiblity of this?

I *CONSTANTLY* have to fight with clients to get the connection strings
to work. Its one of the biggest time consumers for my support. I am
trying to think of a way to make it more universal. Is this approach
possible? or something like it maybe?

1. In aliases.conf I always install an alias with my product name
pointing to the database on the server.
example: myProduct = c:\db\data.fdb

2. Now the tricky part, for me at least. Can we do something that
talks to their DNS server and says to add an entry called
"MyProduct_FB_server" or somethign that will definatlly not be in their
already and give it the IP address of the server we just installed.

3. Now we can access the DB at MyProduct_FB_Server:myProduct" no matter
who the client is. The client apps can always look for that connection,
be default at least.

Is this something possible or are their too many hoops to jump through.
I would like there to be some simple command i could run that was like
RegisterDNSName('MyProduct_FB_server', and be done from there.

Am I going in the right direction or am i just way off?