Subject Re: [firebird-support] Update / insert
Author Aage Johansen
Tim Gahnström wrote:
> ...
> When I come to think about it I have a two more questions with presumed
negative answers.
> Is there some kind of trick to give domain like capabilities to types of
parameters to stored procedures? All I want is really a named type so I can
change it on one place instead of several. I don't need trigger
functionalities etc.
> Something like "Varchar(50) as type titleName" would be desired.

Not currently. Some solutions have to be found e.g. for handling changes
to domains that are used for SP parameters. It has been discussed (on the
devel group).

> Another thing that exist in some DB's that I haven't found in FB are
"infinite" length varchars (where I don't have to give a max size). But
maybe it is better to just use a large lenght to the varchar.
> What is the cost of using a much too large varchar?

Blobs. "subtype TEXT" is what you want.
The cost depends on what you want to do, blobs are mostly inexpensive.

Aage J.