Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple CPUs
Author Jason Dodson
While this holds true for a single system image OS, in a distributed OS
(See Mosix, OpenSSI, etc...), regardless whether it is Unix or
otherwise, will ONLY migrate WHOLE processes to another Processor (Not
that this actually bares any relevance to our discussion).

I think this is the reason I see so many programmers use multiple
processes vs. spawning threads for parallel processing.


> In fact, threads run on different processes in Linux, Unix, VMS, and
> elsewhere, but not the threads in Firebird/InterBase Superserver. The
> threading in that program was designed for a single processor. Threads
> never run in parallel. Vulcan addresses that, but Vulcan's not here
> yet. On windows, you need to set a CPU affinity for the SuperServer or
> the operating system will notice that one CPU is busy and the other is
> not, and swap the program back and forth, wasting a great many cycles.
> Regards,
> Ann