Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple CPUs
Author Ann W. Harrison
Tim wrote:
>>>I know in the past there were some issues with multiple CPU's.
>>I am guessing again but I think the super server uses threads for
>>different connections and therefore doesn't take advantage of
>> multiple CPU's

Jason Dodson wrote:
> I don't know that the statement there is fully accurate. I know, at
> least with windows, that threads from a single process can run on
> different processors. Unfortunatly, this doesn;t seem to be the case for
> most Unix and variants.

In fact, threads run on different processes in Linux, Unix, VMS, and
elsewhere, but not the threads in Firebird/InterBase Superserver. The
threading in that program was designed for a single processor. Threads
never run in parallel. Vulcan addresses that, but Vulcan's not here
yet. On windows, you need to set a CPU affinity for the SuperServer or
the operating system will notice that one CPU is busy and the other is
not, and swap the program back and forth, wasting a great many cycles.