Subject Re: [firebird-support] SQL Syntax 2 databases
Author Daniel Rail

At April 21, 2005, 16:22, wrote:

>> It might come after FB 3.0 is released, unless someone contributes in
>> helping getting this feature done.

> What about an idea of external file?

> If external file feature broaden with a DLL/SO plugin, outdoor
> programmers can expand DBF, Btrieve, IB/FB or ODBC, etc. connects.

If someone is willing to implement it in FB 2, it would be welcomed.
And, it's also part of the SQL-2003 standard, called Managed External

> It's a temporary method before FB 3 but it's can widen functionality of FB.

I don't think it would become a temporary method, but a permanent
method. But again someone will have to implement this feature, and I
don't think any of the Firebird's core developers have the time to do
it. So, it would probably have to be someone else that makes the
contribution. I personally don't have the time and currently don't
have a need for this feature, but doesn't mean that I might need it at
a future date.

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