Subject Firebird Sleeping
Author lseckde

I have an strange phenomenon while using firebird (or interbase 6).
I have 24x7 applications (serveral application with different jobs
running against on database) that runs very well for about 2 weeks
without any problem.
But suddenly one of the applications (not always the same) stops
while reading from the database. An read that normaly takes about
200ms takes more that 5 minutes. In that situation an gbak that 15
minutes before takes only 2 Minutes now takes over an hour.
We have already checked if we have long running transaction (gstat -
h) but the highest difference between next and the lowest "oldest .."
is only about 200 in that situation.
We also do an daily based gfix -sweep and also an cylic gbak -b every
15 Minutes (to have an backup on an warm stand by system).

Has anybody an idea what could causes such an behavior. Or an tip of
what to check.

Many thanks in advance

(We use firebird Supperserver 1.5.2 on an Windows 2000 Server) but we
also tested interbase (6.01.6) with same result.