Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Sleeping
Author Ann W. Harrison
lseckde wrote:
> But suddenly one of the applications (not always the same) stops
> while reading from the database. An read that normaly takes about
> 200ms takes more that 5 minutes.
> Has anybody an idea what could causes such an behavior. Or an tip of
> what to check.

I'd do a gstat -a -r Pipe the output to a file, it will be big. Then
look for tables with lots of back versions, especially tables with a
large value (>10) for max version. That the number of back versions of
a single record. Then look at the values of max dup: for indexes. A
large (>10000) value indicates that you've got an index that will slow
down garbage collection.

Both those problem show up as a server that does almost nothing, using
huge amounts of CPU.