Subject Re: [firebird-support] I can't restore my database! please help.
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:30 AM 20/04/2005 +0000, feroz wrote:

>helen, i apologise for posting this message in the wrong group
>i faced the problem as stated below...and here is the latest.
>1) the problem occored in XP SP2 (i tried on two machines).
>2) i tried restoring the same file on the server Win2K (where it was
>originbally created), there was no problem at all both on IB 6.0.2
>and FB 1.5.2.
>3) did not try any other OS.
>anyone has any idea.

Then - for whatever reason - you may deduce that something is going wrong
on the XP machine. :-))

The connection syntax that you provided previously was:

> C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin>gbak -USER SYSDBA -PASSWORD
masterkey -C ACROSYS20050416.GBK AAA.GDB

All other possibilities apart, this is not a valid restore string, since
you have not provided any path specifications for either the backup file or
the database file that you are going to create. It might work only if the
backup file was actually in Firebird's \bin directory, and you intended to
write the database file into there too; but that is NOT a recommended
thing to do.

So let's get that one sorted first.

Let's suppose that your backup file is in c:\data\backups and you have a
directory named c:\data (already created) where you wish to create the new
database file.

Then, the command for performing the restore should be:

C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin>gbak -c
c:\data\backups\ACROSYS20050416.GBK c:\data\AAA.FDB -USER SYSDBA -PASSWORD

OK, amongst the other things, notice that the file suffix of the database
is ".FDB", not ".GDB". It is important NOT to have database file names
ending in ".GDB" on XP. Read the Firebird 1.0 and 1.5 release notes about
this. It is a well-published issue on XP.

Now, if the backup still terminates with an exception, there are other
possibilities. We then need more information from you - specifically,
which MODEL of Firebird 1.5 you installed on the XP machine. If it is
Superserver then, in the Processes list of your Task Manager display you
will see the process "fbserver.exe" running. If it is Classic, then you
will see "fb_inet_server".

If it is Classic, then you cannot use the local method for gbak. You must
use the Services Manager, which has a more complicated syntax.

Please try and check these things and report back. If you get exceptions,
please copy and paste, to report as much information as possible. You can
copy text from the command window to the clipboard, by highlighting the
required text with your mouse and pressing Enter.