Subject I can't restore my database! please help.
Author hi_feroz
helen, i apologise for posting this message in the wrong group
i faced the problem as stated below...and here is the latest.
1) the problem occored in XP SP2 (i tried on two machines).
2) i tried restoring the same file on the server Win2K (where it was
originbally created), there was no problem at all both on IB 6.0.2
and FB 1.5.2.
3) did not try any other OS.

anyone has any idea.



> Hi,
> I created a back-up GBK from IB 6.0.2 on last saturday (16/4/05).
> when I try to restore it FB 1.5.2 gives me following error:
> C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin>gbak -USER SYSDBA -
> PASSWORD masterkey
> gbak: adjusting an invalid decompression length from -96 to -36
> Even when I try to restore it on IB 6.0.2, it gives problems but
> strange error messages pop-up .. like "memory exhausted".
> The backup is created from:
> 1) Windows Platform Win2K Server
> 2) IB 6.0.2
> Do you have any idea, how can i fix this problem?
> Thanks for you help.
> Feroz