Subject Re: RE: [firebird-support] Cyrillic Font
Author Pavel Menshchikov
Hello Chad,

CZH> :: some of the language problems. I had not realised that the upper and
CZH> :: lower case were essentially the same character for instance.
CZH> :: So we learn!

CZH> They arent essentially the same, they ARE the same, just different sizes.
I don't think so. Russian (cyrillic) font has as upper-cased as
lower-cased characters, like English does. For example, Russian 'A'
and English 'A' look the same, and "mean" the same: the first
upper-cased letter in the alphabet; Russian 'a' and English 'a' look
almost the same, and "mean" the same: the first lower-cased letter in
the alphabet. I mean graphical representation for upper-cased and
lower-cased letters in Russian differs, and not only with its scale.

CZH> :: I think that aesthetics is more important in this case, and
CZH> :: the problem
CZH> :: is introducing upper and lower case into a market where
CZH> :: upper case only
CZH> :: has been the norm.

CZH> If you only have a 5x7 I don't see how you will get both. In fact its not
CZH> even just "uppercase", all you are doing is making just one size... Remember
CZH> you are theinkgina bout a latin set where we RECOGNIZE a difference, In
CZH> Russian there is nothing diferent to recognize, so if if you made it all
CZH> caps, or all lower, I would have NO way of knowing, unless there was a cap
CZH> AND a lower case to compare sizes.... See?
I agree that with 5x7 matrix you, Lester, has no way to show both
upper-cased and lower-cased characters. It is just a kind of
"tradition" here in Russia to use upper-cased characters if you can't
represent both.
Chad, I don't understand what you mean by saying "In Russian there is
nothing diferent to recognize". There IS a way to recognize text in
lower case and text in upper case: Chad, you may refer to Russian
books, magazines, newspapers to see the difference :)

Best regards,
Pavel Menshchikov