Subject Cyrillic Font
Author Lester Caine
My railway system runs a range of LED dot matrix displays using an 8
pixel high matrix, and supports multiple languages, but I've been asked
to quote for a package extended to provide a Cyrillic font as well.
Since my Russian is not very good ( some would say my English isn't
either ;) ) I need a little help. The Cyrillic font that I have uses an
11 pixel high character, and all the notes seem to be saying that this
higher vertical resolution is needed to give readable upper and lower
case Cyrillic letters. Is this the case - in which case I need a few
more rows on the displays to cope, or is a 5x7 set of Cyrillic
characters practical for information displays as in the Latin font case?

Of cause if I get an order I will HAVE to get UNICODE_FSS working in my
interface ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services