Subject RE: [firebird-support] Cyrillic Font
Author Svend Meyland Nicolaisen
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> Subject: [firebird-support] Cyrillic Font
> My railway system runs a range of LED dot matrix displays
> using an 8 pixel high matrix, and supports multiple
> languages, but I've been asked to quote for a package
> extended to provide a Cyrillic font as well.
> Since my Russian is not very good ( some would say my English
> isn't either ;) ) I need a little help. The Cyrillic font
> that I have uses an
> 11 pixel high character, and all the notes seem to be saying
> that this higher vertical resolution is needed to give
> readable upper and lower case Cyrillic letters. Is this the
> case - in which case I need a few more rows on the displays
> to cope, or is a 5x7 set of Cyrillic characters practical for
> information displays as in the Latin font case?

This isn't really a FireBird question is it? Anyway, the reason why a 11
pxiel high font is recomended to display cyrillic charcaters is beacause of
the many accents that appear over upper case character in the cyrillic
character set. I think it is possible to make a font 8 pixel high but it
won't be pretty.

> Of cause if I get an order I will HAVE to get UNICODE_FSS
> working in my interface ;)

If you only need cyrillic and ASCII characters it might be better to use a
cyrillic character set and collation. A big problem with the character set
UNICODE_FSS is that there doesn't exists a collation for it.