Subject When they're ready Re: [firebird-support] When will FB 2 and 3 be released?
Author rekkod
Hi Martijn

I have read a message where the author was talking about features for
FB 3, and currently we are on 1.5.2. So it seemed to me as if they
have a schedule for FB 2 & 3.

Here is the post I read, unless I misunderstood:

Hyperthreading will slow down Firebird Superserver, and that is a
known fact. But, HT will not slow down FB Classic Server, because
Classic is multi-process(a separate process for each connection) and
not multi-threaded. Although Superserver is multi-threaded, it is not
SMP and/or HT friendly, because FB manages its own threads, and that
somehow clashes with the OS. This problem will disappear with FB 3.0,
because of the current Vulcan project which has a goal of implementing
fine-grained threading into FB(letting the OS manage the thread

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> > what about version 4, 5 and 6? when will they be ready Martijn?
> Probably waaaay after 2 and 3 ...
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