Subject Network performance of IB 6.5 ODBC-driver
Author Uwe Glossmann

i have the following scenario:

want want to do a mass insert into 3 tables, and we have some
interesting benchmark:

when we perform the import via ODBC-driver (EASYSOFT, bundeled with
interbase) and .net-application, we have import speed ~150 records per
the network load is about 10% (10 MBit/s), server and client CPU-load
are not at their limit.

when doing the same from a java application via java-jdbc-driver, we
attain ~500 record per second, the limit is the CPU-load of the server.

when running the .net application on the server machine, tuning the
ODBC-string in system-DSN to C:/<path to database>, we have ~600 records
per second.
when changing the ODBC-string to localhost:C:/<path to database>, the
import speed is only 150 records per second.

now the question is: what is the problem of the
interbase(easysoft)-ODBC-driver? is there a bandwidth-limit to 10 MBit/s?
is there a possibility to remove this speed limit?

thanks in advance,