Subject TECT Software Ltd
Author scotty_ncc1701_2003
According to IBPHOENIX.COM, a new program was put out: "TECT Software
Ltd announces that all Firebird related products from TECT Software
are available immediately under a freeware license." I downloaded the
backup manager, and the program stinks. When you go in and try to add
a profile, it will not let you abort adding. Then when you try to
uninstall it, it leaves the program group plus these files:

File 'C:\Program Files\TECT Software Ltd\TSMC\Plugins\FBHelm.mcp'
File 'C:\Program Files\TECT Software Ltd\TSMC\Plugins\FIBackup.mcp'
File 'C:\Program Files\TECT Software Ltd\TSMC\TSLicman.exe'
File 'C:\Program Files\TECT Software Ltd\TSMC\TSMC.exe'

Additionally, in the Add/Remove programs, all it tells you is V2 in
the program description. Frankly this program stinks and TECT
Software should be boycotted.