Subject Re: [firebird-support] example of using FIBPlus and Firebird
Author Grant Brown
Hi Pavel,

That would be fantastic if it was not to much bother for you.

What I am after is a small Delphi 5 project that covers the following.

1) - Log on and log off from a FireBird database.

2) - reads/writes data too a single table in a FireBird database using

3) - reads/writes data too a single table in a FireBird database using
stored procedures.

The project does not have to do anything I just need to see how its
coded and the logic applied.

I looked at the demos on the Devrace site but the dont seem to have a
simple demo for the novice beginner.

There demos all seem to assume that one has already worked out how to
use there components.

The other issue for me is that I have never been exposed to transactions
as all past worked has used straight querys which makes it harder again.

Again I you could do the above I would be forever grateful.

Grant Brown

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