Subject RE: [firebird-support] Unicode
Author Svend Meyland Nicolaisen
> Recent reviews on this and the Firebird-architect list have
> concluded that the Unicode FSS support is based on an early
> version of the unicode specification that does not match the
> final documentation, and does not reflect any supported standard.

Can somebody confirm that the newest release of FireBird doesn't support the
final specification of Unicode?

> I had poor luck saving unicode from Delphi. Others may have
> had more success. The Delphi (UCS2) widestring does not
> support enough code points to handle the full Unicode specification.

Well as far as I know wide strings in Delphi Delphi does represent Unicode
just fine. Wide strings contain 32 bit characters and UniCode are a 32 bit
character set.

> However, I have been able to verify that Firebird will
> correctly store and retrieve unicode UTF-8 characters from
> Java using the jaybird JDBC driver, provided the character
> set of the database/column is set to none. The caveats are
> that your column size is a byte size, not a character size,
> and that only byte order collation is meaningful from the
> database. I used arabic, chinese, tibetan, english, and
> french strings to verify this.

Are Unicode represented as UTF-8 i FireBird or am I confused?