Subject Re: [firebird-support] Server memory quickly eaten up
Author Aage Johansen
Michele Bassan wrote:
> We are moving a client-server application from Access to Firebird.
> We tried with a Redhat Linux with
> SuperServer for Linux NPTL V1.5.2 installed
> and also with a Debian Linux Superserver v 1.51,
> but the problem remains the same.
> When we have a few simultaneous active clients, the memory used by the
> Firebird server process starts to grow of about 5 MB/minute, and keeps
> growing without any limit until the server crashes.
> Any idea on any parameter that has to be configured in firebird.conf
> to prevent this, or of any bad programming that may have been used in
> our client aplications?
> Our client applications open the connection at the beginnning
> of the operations and re-use always the same connection for
> many hours.

Is the user interface based on browsing tables (in grids)?
Are queries closed and transactions committed on a regular basis?
It's ok to use the same connection, but using the same transaction for
hours is (normally) not a good thing.

Aage J.