Subject Re: Re: Re: [firebird-support] Unicode
Author David Johnson
On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 23:23 +0600, Pavel Menshchikov wrote:
> Hello David,
> DJ> There may be legal issue too. Recently a law was passed in China that
> DJ> all software distributed within China must conform to a specific
> DJ> standard (I don't recall the standard). On the Firebird-architects
> DJ> list, one of the UTF8 critics came to the conclusion that UTFx support
> DJ> was a necessity when he reviewed that standard - BG_2312 would not do.
> I see.
> DJ> But, the big killer is that the app must support both English and
> DJ> chinese concurrently to start. UTF8 provides this support whereas other
> DJ> cod page based solutions do not.
> Doesn't GB_2312 support both English and Chinese? For example WIN1251
> supports both English and Russian?
See the thread that
Architect/message/6682 belongs to.

GB_1232 is not adequate, GB18030 is required by law.