Subject Argument against TTable like components with Firebird
Author Lee Jenkins
Hey all,

I have taken on another programmer (Delphi) on a consultancy basis. On a
small project he did for us, I was looking through the sources and noticed
that he had used an IBX IBTable component to access a table that held
employee timeclock records and filtered the records locally using the
OnFilter event. As you can imagine, this table can hold quite a lot of

Anyway, I asked that he use a Query (IBO, FIB, even IBXQuery) type component
to access our Firebird database. He asked why and I tried to explain to him
how query components are better since they pull only a subset of the table
over the wire, how I see numerous developers on the Firebird lists porting
Desktop DB based apps over to Firebird and having problems using the same
paradigm as before, etc, etc but he didn't seem very convinced. He is a
professional and he will do what we ask him to do, but I think its important
to give him the information that he needs to make this change in mind set on
his own.

I have about 8 years programming experience writing POS and related apps, he
has about 20 years experience developing all kinds of software, including
critical financial accounting software with built-in compilers, etc.

Maybe someone on the list with more experience could provide a better
explanation than I can?

Thank you,