Subject Firebird does not run if FSecure Management Agent installed
Author ashwiz_za
Hi there

I have discovered what seems to be a bug.

Firebird does not run if FSecure Management Agent is installed on the
server. Have tested with various versions of Firebird and FSecure 5.4
/ 5.5

If just FSecure anti-virus, works fine, but if installed on same
machine as the FSecure Enterprise Management Agent, it does not run.

With FSecure 5.5 if we shut down the "Web Reporting" service, then
Firebird starts and runs.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have I done something wrong?

I have tested on 2 seperate networks, 2 different servers.

OS: Windows 2000 Server, latest service packs.

FSecure: 5.4 / 5.5

Firebird: 1.5.0 / 1.5.2, both Classic and Super Server
-Super Server -guardian starts, but not server
-Classic -both guardian and server start, but when try
connect gives error "can't connect to db", "can't write file'.

Any help or advice appreciated.

Many thanx
Kind regards
Ashley ;-)