Subject Re: firebird personalized install
Author Adam
Hello Joao,

Lots of things you can consider here.

Alex's suggestion of vnc is a very appropriate one. We don't support
customers that do provide remote connectivity via vnc, rdp, or
pcanywhere. It is just not worth it.

David's suggestion about pre-configuring their database fdb files and
running a batch file to set up the users works as long as you are not
moving from one platform to another. If they are all Windows boxes,
it works great though.

If you haven't considered hosting it for them on a Terminal Server,
it may be worth an investigation. It makes administration, support
and upgrades a fraction of the effort, and you can then onsell
services like automatic nightly backups (which many small to medium
businesses don't do properly).

If this is not an option, then we use Nullsoft Installer
( for our install scripts (by the guys that wrote
winamp). It can launch the Firebird installer, configure their
aliases, extract the binaries and the databases and do all the
registry stuff you like. You can compile it all into a single
setup.exe file if you like.

Hope that helps


--- In, "hellscout666" <samba@k...>
> Hi list!
> I do have a little deplyment problem....
> I need to install 18 firebird databases across the contry (brasil...
> some of them 4000Km far...) and I cannot leave my town..
> every databse will have the same metadata, but different data and
> users, but the problem is that where I need to install the databses,
> the users are not
> the merely possibility to have to perform phone assisted
> and user managment makes me cry...
> Is there some way to "build" a firebird installation in wich the
> metadata and users are pre-set?
> If there is some way, where can I find these instructions?
> I´m already thinking abou an reverse-install with my installshield,
> building registry changes and coping the file structure with the
> configured.. (ok, I known the data and metadata can be shipped
> sepparately (is this the word?), and it already wil be done.
> But what I do really need is to perform the users insertion
> I´ll be very happy to have any directions, my coffee is over, and
> going nuts!!!!
> Joao Marka