Subject firebird personalized install
Author hellscout666
Hi list!

I do have a little deplyment problem....

I need to install 18 firebird databases across the contry (brasil...
some of them 4000Km far...) and I cannot leave my town..

every databse will have the same metadata, but different data and
users, but the problem is that where I need to install the databses,
the users are not

the merely possibility to have to perform phone assisted installations
and user managment makes me cry...

Is there some way to "build" a firebird installation in wich the data,
metadata and users are pre-set?

If there is some way, where can I find these instructions?
I´m already thinking abou an reverse-install with my installshield,
building registry changes and coping the file structure with the users
configured.. (ok, I known the data and metadata can be shipped
sepparately (is this the word?), and it already wil be done.

But what I do really need is to perform the users insertion aumatically...

I´ll be very happy to have any directions, my coffee is over, and I´m
going nuts!!!!

Joao Marka