Subject RE: [firebird-support] Nightly Backup Batch File problem
Author Johan van Zyl
And now this:
This code:

rem ========= Step 2: stop InterbaseServer =========
echo Try stop FBServer... >> %BATLOGFILE%
rem NET STOP InterbaseServer 1> nul 2>> %BATLOGFILE%
NET STOP fbserver 1> nul 2>> %BATLOGFILE%
IF errorlevel 1 GOTO NOT_STOPPED
echo stop fbserver ok >> %BATLOGFILE%

gives me this:

Sun 2005/04/03
Try Shutdown Database...
Shutdown firebird ok
Shutdown employee2 ok
Try stop FBServer...
System error 1060 has occurred.

The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

Stop FBServer failed!

What will be the correct syntax?
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From: Scott Morgan [mailto:blumf@...]
Sent: 03 April 2005 20:54
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Nightly Backup Batch File problem

Johan van Zyl wrote:

>Each and every instance of gt results in errors!
>What is the purpose of gt and can it be ignored?
>samples are:
>Date /T >> %BATLOGFILE%
>Time /T >> %BATLOGFILE%
>gfix -shut -attach 30 C:\realcorp\firebird\data\employee.fdb -user
>SYSDBA -pass masterkey 2> errout.tmp

Looks like you picked up the commands from a broken web page. The
'>'s are really '>' ([G]reater [T]han) and are used in HTML and XML
amongst other systems for escaping what is usually a control char (i.e.
part of a HTML tag like <P> for example).

Thus your example becomes:


gfix -shut -attach 30 C:\realcorp\firebird\data\employee.fdb -user
SYSDBA -pass masterkey 2> errout.tmp

Except I don't think DOS/Nt's CMD.EXE supports '2>'.


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