Subject Re: [firebird-support] Nightly Backup Batch File problem
Author Scott Morgan
Johan van Zyl wrote:

>Each and every instance of gt results in errors!
>What is the purpose of gt and can it be ignored?
>samples are:
>Date /T >> %BATLOGFILE%
>Time /T >> %BATLOGFILE%
>gfix -shut -attach 30 C:\realcorp\firebird\data\employee.fdb -user
>SYSDBA -pass masterkey 2> errout.tmp

Looks like you picked up the commands from a broken web page. The
'>'s are really '>' ([G]reater [T]han) and are used in HTML and XML
amongst other systems for escaping what is usually a control char (i.e.
part of a HTML tag like <P> for example).

Thus your example becomes:


gfix -shut -attach 30 C:\realcorp\firebird\data\employee.fdb -user
SYSDBA -pass masterkey 2> errout.tmp

Except I don't think DOS/Nt's CMD.EXE supports '2>'.