Subject Re: [firebird-support] Nightly Backup Batch File problem
Author Scott Morgan
Johan van Zyl wrote:

>And now this:
>This code:
>rem ========= Step 2: stop InterbaseServer =========
>echo Try stop FBServer... >> %BATLOGFILE%
>rem NET STOP InterbaseServer 1> nul 2>> %BATLOGFILE%
>NET STOP fbserver 1> nul 2>> %BATLOGFILE%
>IF errorlevel 1 GOTO NOT_STOPPED
>echo stop fbserver ok >> %BATLOGFILE%
>gives me this:
>Sun 2005/04/03
>Try Shutdown Database...
>Shutdown firebird ok
>Shutdown employee2 ok
>Try stop FBServer...
>System error 1060 has occurred.
>The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
>Stop FBServer failed!
>What will be the correct syntax?


net stop "Firebird Server - DefaultInstance" 1> nul 2>> %BATLOGFILE%

You might also want to stop the guardian service too as it'll try to
restart FB:

net stop "Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance"