Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird is slower on multicpu Window box then single cpu
Author Aage Johansen
tsttang wrote:
> I have installed firebird database on a multicpu machine
> with win2k server or window 2003 server. In either
> case, the performance is much slower than the firebird
> database I installed on a single cpu box with window
> 2000 server or window 2000 professional. The
> multicpu box has 2 GB memory, two 2.2 Ghz pentium 4
> cpu. The harddisk performance is faster than the single
> cpu box. The single cpu box has one single cpu, 2.2
> Ghz pentium 4 and 2 GB memory. I have tried firebird
> 1.03 and 1.5.1 in super server configuration. I have
> also tried 1.5.1 in classic server configuration in the
> dual cpu box but the result is the same. In all cases,
> the performance of the database is about three to four
> times slower than on a single cpu box. The test is to
> load 20000 records into the database using a java
> program with jaybird as its jdbc driver.

How long does it take? Inserting 20000 records is probably of the order of
5 secs or less - maybe not easy to time correctly. Also, TaskManager may
not be the greatest tool for close monitoring.
Could you disable HT (in the BIOS), and try once more? I've moved a
database from an old/slow PII machine (WinNT, Fb/0.9?) to a modern Xeon
machine (Win2k, Fb/1.5) and experienced a very nice performance improvement
- about 20X, I think. Of course, the newer box had more RAM and faster
disks as well. HT off, and Fb affinity set to one cpu.

I'm shortly going to move some database from Win2000 to Win2003, faster
cpus and more ram - I'm really interested in your experiences.

Aage J.