Subject Firebird is slower on multicpu Window box then single cpu
Author tsttang
I have installed firebird database on a multicpu machine
with win2k server or window 2003 server. In either
case, the performance is much slower than the firebird
database I installed on a single cpu box with window
2000 server or window 2000 professional. The
multicpu box has 2 GB memory, two 2.2 Ghz pentium 4
cpu. The harddisk performance is faster than the single
cpu box. The single cpu box has one single cpu, 2.2
Ghz pentium 4 and 2 GB memory. I have tried firebird
1.03 and 1.5.1 in super server configuration. I have
also tried 1.5.1 in classic server configuration in the
dual cpu box but the result is the same. In all cases,
the performance of the database is about three to four
times slower than on a single cpu box. The test is to
load 20000 records into the database using a java
program with jaybird as its jdbc driver. From task
manager, I can see the refresh rate of the I/O and I can
see that on the dual cpu box, the I/O rate for firebird is
3 times slower than that of the single cpu box. We
have used a disk benchmark program to measure the
disk speed on the dual cpu box and there is no
significant difference between the dual cpu box and the
single cpu box.
The same set of test is performed against firebird
v.1.01 in superserver configuration installed on multicpu
linux box with the same configuration as the dual cpu
box but no slow down in performance can be observed.

Anyone has similar experience or an explanation to this?