Subject Re: Firebird-Performance on XP-clients
Author dmarmur2002
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I have a similar problem with an 2000 server and XP Clients. One XP
Client is performing fine. The others are slow or more slow (same SP
according to IT-manager). I have no idea what this is about yet.

The concept (DB + Client) works as a charm on a Suse 9 server with
mixed win clients (no 95/98, though).

I am also very interested in finding out about previous experience
concerning this. The project is just starting up in another city so I
wont have time to start prodding about it for some time yet. I'll
start by nudging the network consultant, then connecting a Linux box
to the local net and so on and so on...



> Hi all,
> I have installed the FireBird databaseserver on a NT 4-machine.
> Several Windows 2000-clients connect to this server without any problem.
> There are a couple of clients however that use XP as OS (SP2 has not
> been installed, so no Windows firewall active nor other firewall
> installed). These experience a severe loss of performance connecting,
> retrieving data or updating data to the NT-server. It is not a
> networkproblem, because copying physical files from and to the server
> works fine.
> Is this a known issue connecting from XP-client to NT-server ? If so,
> is there a solution ?
> I have an equal implementation, only the server there is Win 2000. In
> that implementation the stated problem does not occur.
> Any help appreciated,
> Glenn