Subject unable to repair corrupted database
Author Marco Parmeggiani
I' using Firebird 1.5 under Windows XP. I have a corrupted database.
I am able to perform a backup but when i restore gbak crashes while
restoring records for a table (TAB_2, see below) after saying:

gbak: ERROR: invalid request handle
gbak: ERROR: gds_$send failed
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

running "gfix -v -full ..." gives:

Summary of validation errors
Number of record level errors : 1
Number of index page errors : 5

running "gfix -m - f -i ..." gives the same output.

After the above two gfix runs, if i run gbak i obtain the same errors as
above: backup ok, restore crashes gbak.

In the firebird.log i have this (i think useful) tips:

Index 2 is corrupt on page 9655 in table TAB_2 (144)

Index 5 is corrupt on page 43542 in table TAB_1 (140)

Relation has 38 orphan backversions (0 in use) in table TAB_1 (140)

Any idea on how to fix it?