Subject Odbc-problems2
Author John Jaabæk
I'm having problems with ODBC and Clients with Firebird 1.5.
I've followed all the steps from the Firebird-book from page 95 and so on as
far as I could understand it. By the way: What does .local mean as file names
on the client file list as file extension.
The included pics has been removed.
The Firebird server is on a Win2000 and the same is the database.
There are no other processes using the database.

I have to explain in words.

I'm using Firebird/Interbase(r) driver MT ODBC 2.0 on System-DSN
Datasource Name: TESTBASE02
Driver: IscDbc
Database: F:\TESTBASE02 as Placed on Server and Network Mapping
Client: C:\WINNT\system32\GDS32.DLL
Database Account: SYSDBA
Password: masterkey
Role: Nothing
Character Set: NONE
Options: None
Extended identifier properties: quoted identifiers
Dialect 3

On test connection:
Connection failed!
File Database is used by another process.


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