Subject Re: Error reading data from the connection
Author dbambo2000
--- In, "dbambo2000" <gcampbel@p...>
> I'm running a backup of a 2GB firebird database using gbak on a
> server via Remote Desktop. I was able to do this over the last
> of days without any problems, but today (after adding tables to grow
> the file size from .5GB to 2 GB) I am getting an error. The gbak
> command is:
> gbak -b -se\path\DBNAME.FDB
> C:\path\DBNAME.FBK -user SYSDBA -password XXXXXXXX
> The error I'm getting is:
> gbak: ERROR: Error reading data from the connection.
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> Note that although it says it is exiting, it appears to continue to
> do the backup.

This problem was resolved by removing the from the database
path as shown below:

gbak -b -se C:\path\DBNAME.FDB
C:\path\DBNAME.FBK -user SYSDBA -password XXXXXXXX