Subject Error reading data from the connection
Author dbambo2000
I'm running a backup of a 2GB firebird database using gbak on a remote
server via Remote Desktop. I was able to do this over the last couple
of days without any problems, but today (after adding tables to grow
the file size from .5GB to 2 GB) I am getting an error. The gbak
command is:

gbak -b -se\path\DBNAME.FDB
C:\path\DBNAME.FBK -user SYSDBA -password XXXXXXXX

The error I'm getting is:

gbak: ERROR: Error reading data from the connection.
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

Note that although it says it is exiting, it appears to continue to do
the backup.

Can someone tell me what is happening here?

Thank you.