Subject Bizarre Date & Time issues - more noobie questions
Author sbdlinxg
I created a table called LOG_IN_TABLE. Two of the fields in the the
table are called LOG_IN_DATE (Date type) and LOG_IN_TIME (Time type).

These fields are accessed through a Visual Basic program that prevents
me from creating a new entry unless the LOG_IN_TIME is at least 10
minutes past the last entry.

To test how this was working I edited the LOG_IN_DATE to the previous
day and tried to create a new entry. To my surprise I see that I can't
because my time interval is less than ten minutes.

Upon further investigation I find the following....

IBExpert shows
LOG_IN_DATE 21.12.2005
LOG_IN_TIME 08:52:00

A query result from Visual Basic shows
LOG_IN_DATE 12/21/05
LOG_IN_TIME 12/21/05 08:52:00

Using the Visual Basic Datagrid shows
LOG_IN_DATE 12/21/05
LOG_IN_TIME 12/21/05 08:52:00

Connecting to the Firebird database with MS Access shows
LOG_IN_DATE 12/21/05
LOG_IN_TIME 11/30/1899 08:52:00 AM

I'm not sure how IBExpert connects to the database but Visual Basic
and MS Access connect through a driver called

Firebird/Interbase(r)driver IBPhoenix Inc

Does anyone know why LOG_IN_TIME might be returning such screwy