Subject Restore fails - process cannot access the file
Author Raith, Daniel
I have this one customer that has win2k sp4 on the database server. I
can backup my database, but I can't restore it.

It restores a whole bunch of data like 99% of the size and then says,
"The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another
process." We are using firebird release.

I first make a backup of the database.

Gbak -B "e:\shared apps\mydir\mydb.fdb" "e:\shared apps\mydir\mydb.fbk"
-user x -pass y

Then when I try to restore to another file

Gbak -C "e:\shared apps\mydir\mydb.fbk" "e:\shared apps\mydir\test.fdb"
-user x -pass y

It produces that error message. I had their net admin exclude mydir from
their virus software. E is not a mapped drive.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking of suggesting that they put in another machine with just
firebird any my database on it. Then we can see if it was some other
software conflicting with it.