Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow 1st query
Author Dennis Mulder
1.5 minutes for a simple query is a mighty long time.
Menjit, can you give us the table fields, all the indexes, the number of
records, the exact query you're using and your pc description (speed and
Then maybe we can say a little bit more.
I don't think Firebird embedded is slower, though I'm not sure.


menjit_singh wrote:

> hello all,
> i have a software that uses Firebird embedded v. 1.5 on winxp sp2. My
> problem is when i launch the application, the first query is very slow
> (about 1.5 minutes). The database is a .fdb. The next query is very
> fast. I use index on the table (i have only one table with 8 fields).
> How do i solve the problem?
> i have disable antivirus (ZoneAlarm). Database size is abou 50mb. The
> problem happens on when i first launch the application. next queries
> are super fast.i use FBLib. my query:
> select my_field from my_table group by my_field order by my_field
> Any advice?