Subject Re: Slow 1st query
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I've just got one question. If you do

select my_field from my_table where my_primary_key = 1 group by
my_field order by my_field

is that also slow? If so, the problem has nothing to do with your
query nor caching (though I have no idea about the cause).


--- In, "menjit_singh" wrote:
> hello all,
> i have a software that uses Firebird embedded v. 1.5 on winxp sp2.
> My problem is when i launch the application, the first query is very
> slow (about 1.5 minutes). The database is a .fdb. The next query is
> very fast. I use index on the table (i have only one table with 8
> fields). How do i solve the problem?
> i have disable antivirus (ZoneAlarm). Database size is abou 50mb.
> The problem happens on when i first launch the application. next
> queries are super fast.i use FBLib. my query:
> select my_field from my_table group by my_field order by my_field
> Any advice?