Subject Re: timeout a pending connection via a bad network?
Author Adam
--- In, John vd Waeter <john@j...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Nobody? All applications freeze when networkthroughput drops down to
> allmost zero or even stops at all?
> My case was a network (via internet) from which a ping returned
about 5%
> of the packets... not to mention the turnaroundtime. Really bad
> performance. As I learned here that FB is rather "chatty" over the
> network, I can understand that in these circumstances it looks like the
> application locks up.
> I would like to signal the user that network is bad, and that it might
> be a good idea to try later... How would I do that?
> tia!
> John

Create another thread and ping the server? When the response time is
"too slow", synchronise the thread to pop up the warning. The
chattyness of Firebird will exagerate the speed issue, but I suggest
that anything with just 5% success for ping is pretty much useless for
any protocol.