Subject Re: Service service_mgr is not defined
Author Adam
--- In, "Raith, Daniel"
<danielraith@m...> wrote:
> I have a customer on which I can't use the -SE option when backing up or
> restoring their databases. They run my client software on another
> terminal server. I can connect to the firebird server and run the backup
> just fine without the -SE option, but I would like to be able to use the
> -SE option. Any reason I'm getting the message "service service_mgr is
> not defined"?

I assume you can connect to a firebird database on that server

What is your gbak string?

There are some issues with local connection through a terminal
services environment, ok embedded and even local connection through SS
or CS or gbak or gfix doesn't work at all.

> Also is there a way to detect if classic or super server has been
> installed?

single fbserver.exe in processes --> SuperServer.
otherwise you will have a lot of whatever the process classic spawns
per thread (forgot), it should be pretty obvious though.