Subject Anything wrong with putting App.exe, UDL's, and FB DB's in shared folder?
Author delphigurusam
Windows;FB SS 1.5.2 4731;Delphi;ADO;UDL's (no DSN's defined on server)

I am rewriting a FoxPro app in Delphi/ADO/Firebird. The current
Foxpro app and all tables are located in a shared folder on the
"server" in a peer-to-peer network. One of the perceived benefits of
the current Foxpro app is that the user can copy the corporation
folder (the original install folder) to a home PC or a small
peer-to-peer offsite network, install a Foxpro runtime pkg and be up
and running. Yes, this is a multi-user app and "sometimes" the corp
data gets over-written when someone copies the folder back to the corp
folder to update it.

MS Windows default location for UDL's is "C:\Program Files\Common
Files\System\Ole DB\Data Links", a protected dir on the FB server. I
also have read the many recommendations on this site that FB DB's NOT
be located in a shared folder, however, my company wants to place the
new Delphi app.exe, it's UDL's, and the DB's in a single shared folder
at the root of drive C, so our users will continue to have the ability
to copy this folder to home PCs and offsite networks.
QUESTION: Can we do this? If so, what's the best way to implement this?
Sam Hunt