Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anything wrong with putting App.exe, UDL's, and FB DB's in shared folder?
Author Ann W. Harrison
delphigurusam wrote:
> I have read the many recommendations on this site that FB DB's NOT
> be located in a shared folder, however, my company wants to place the
> new Delphi app.exe, it's UDL's, and the DB's in a single shared folder
> at the root of drive C, so our users will continue to have the ability
> to copy this folder to home PCs and offsite networks.

Not a good idea. In fact, a really bad idea.

First, If the database is active, you'll get bad copies, which
are worthless.

Second, by default, Firebird rejects connections to shared devices,
though you can override that in the configuration file.

Third, if you do override it, and two clients have Firebird
installed and open the shared database independently, they'll
write all over each other's changes and corrupt the database.

Replication is what you want. It even solves the problem of
reintegrating changes.