Subject Re: Newbie Questions
Author Adam
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> Does anyone know (short of buying the text on it,) how I can have
> several questions about the architecture of Firebird answered
> quickly? I frankly do not want to buy the book at this stage because
> I am not certain that we are going with it, but..for example: is
> some good documentation out there on the embedded 1.5 version
> architecture out there that I am missing? I've googled and found
> nothing. Thanks.

Embedded server is the Firebird SuperServer architecture nested inside
a DLL (or .so). The embedded kit contains a readme which describes the
main differences between the architectures, but in summary.

* Only a single process can access the embedded database at a time,
although multiple threads from the same process can access it.
* Local Connection is the only way, with a TCP connection, the dll acts
as a normal fbclient.dll.
* The user security is not checked

In Firebird, Classic, Superserver and Embedded all share the same MGA
architecture, all have the same On Disk Structure, and you can at any
point in time uninstall one server and then install another. Classic is
slightly different to the other two in that a new process is spawned
for each thread whereas the other two use threading to manage different