Subject Re: [firebird-support] Newbie Questions
Author Sam Hunt
shicks_uiuc wrote:

> Does anyone know (short of buying the text on it,) how I can have
> several questions about the architecture of Firebird answered
> quickly? I frankly do not want to buy the book at this stage because
> I am not certain that we are going with it, but..for example: is there
> some good documentation out there on the embedded 1.5 version
> architecture out there that I am missing? I've googled and found
> nothing. Thanks.
If you are interested in the embedded version, please be advised that it
has exactly the same features as the full server version.
However, it is only single-user - absolutely. If you need help setting
up a simple prototype, give us more info (OS, connection type, etc.) and
someone will help you.
Sam Hunt