Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Newbie Questions
Author Helen Borrie
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> > Does anyone know (short of buying the text on it,) how I can have
> > several questions about the architecture of Firebird answered
> > quickly? I frankly do not want to buy the book at this stage because
> > I am not certain that we are going with it, but..for example: is
> > some good documentation out there on the embedded 1.5 version
> > architecture out there that I am missing? I've googled and found
> > nothing. Thanks.
> >
>Embedded server is the Firebird SuperServer architecture nested inside
>a DLL (or .so).

Not (or .so). The POSIX and the Windows fbembed.dll are not
congruent models. is not Superserver. It invokes a Classic
process instance with direct connections to databases, it doesn't prevent
multiple concurrent users and it is subject to user authentication. Also,
the "client" part of will not connect to any remote server.

Unlike the POSIX, the windows "embedded" does not connect the
client application directly to the database, but does so through a network
emulation method, where the client and server pass and fulfil requests
across shared IPC space. FbEmbed.dll doesn't have to invoke its embedded
server: it can be a regular client to a remote server.